Rothgar22019 Skáldvík Application

Thank you for showing interest in becoming a part of Skáldvík 2019!

Prior members: We don’t yet have a way to bring over information from prior years.  We’re sorry, but we do need the forms completed in their entirety for the time being.

The Skáldvík Viking Village, located on the grounds of the New York Renaissance Faire by special arrangement, is a living, breathing community of amateur experimental archaeologists who seek to discover, recreate, and rediscover the ways of the ancient Scandinavians.

As a member, you’ll take part in a grand experiment of portraying, and even living as, a Scandinavian settler in a foreign land from the 8th to 11th centuries.

Individual members with no children may ignore the CLAN: and FAMILY: fields.

Clan members (two adults, 18+) each clan member must fill this out separately.  Also, please note in the field below the name of the other clan member.

Clan members with children in the village (17 and under) as above, each adult fills out their own and one of the adults fills out the child’s/children’s information.  Also, please note in the field below the name of the other clan member.

You will not be asked for membership dues during this process.  Instead, your application will be reviewed by our staff and if accepted, you will be sent a link for online payment.

Fields marked with an * are required

Your Personal Information

First you, the adult.  We'll ask about your child(ren) in a moment.

Emergency Information

Please let us know about your emergency contact.

Your part in Skáldvik

Can you tell us about your involvement in Skáldvik?

Villager Roles

As a member, you'll be a "villager" within Skáldvik and carry out many of the same functions villagers in the day would have themselves doing.

Each department has a limited number of openings and we'll work with you to place you in the one you want, but most members will crossover from one to the other on occasion.

Choose your top three roles.

Meal Plan

Part of being in Skáldvik is the enjoyment of home cooked meals and we want to offer our members this as an add-on to the membership.

Look to the right (or below for small devices) for some more information.



Please check to the right (or below on a smaller mobile device) for a brief review of costuming requirements.



We believe in creating a living, breathing community of like-minded people and part of Skáldvík's attraction to so many is this community.  Renaissance faire patrons return to see familiar faces and many times just to see what new things have been created, or how an individual has progressed in skill.  This only comes with one's increased presence.

One's availability plays heavily in role selection and project assignment.


At a Glance:
Membership Requirements

Each person to be physically present in Skáldvik must submit an application.

Children 12 and under receive free memberships but must have a separate application submitted on their behalf.
Sorry, no exceptions.

Members should:

  • provide own costuming, and for their children (see Costuming below)
  • provide own period utensils and bowls
  • provide own tents and lodging equipment (see Camping below)
  • arrange own transportation to and from faire

Must be available:

  • Membership meeting: Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 11:00 AM sharp at the site of the camp
  • Pre-season: 10 days of the working weekends from May 8 to August 11
  • Season: 10 of 17 days (Aug 17 to Oct 6, 2019, and Labor Day Monday)
  • Strike: October 12 or 13

Furthermore, all members must sign and date acceptance of the Rules & Regulations and Release & Indemnification forms available at the membership meeting.


As a member of Skáldvík, you are permitted to camp. Camping is staged in two areas:

  • Period A-frame “Viking” tents may appear within Skáldvík proper, space permitting
  • Modern nylon tents may appear in the behind-the-scenes member campground

Please observe the following when camping:

  • No live flame within any tent, under any cover, or within five feet of tent
  • If you wish a period tent, please strive for period accuracy within it, e.g. a framed bed, proper storage units, etc.
  • All members must use a flashlight when walking on grounds after dark.  Cell phone flashlights are not permitted.
  • Campground quiet hour is 10:30 pm; hushed tones must be used.
  • We love our child members and understand young ones can present a challenge during quiet hours.  If there is anything we can do, please let us know.

Overnight Guests

Overnight guests are permitted on a case-by-case basis.

Guests must be in approved costuming and contribute to Skáldvík during their entire stay.  By agreement with the NYRF, guests must be members of another historical reenactment group or prospective members for the current or following season.

Guest fees are $30 to NYRF for camping, $20 to Skáldvík for insurance and processing.

Please contact Dani Tompkins for more information.

Drug Use

Please note Skáldvík has a zero tolerance policy regarding illegal drug use.  Use of or possession of illegal drugs while a member of Skáldvík and on New York Renaissance Faire grounds will result in immediate expulsion and forfeiture of all membership fees and benefits on first infraction.


Each member is expected to provide their own historically-accurate costuming, or garb, to take part in Skáldvík. A basic garb kit must be had for inspection before permitted to be in the village before patrons.

Men’s minimum requirements:
  • Proper linen tunic
  • Drawstring or belt-loop pants (no pockets, no fly)
  • Turn shoes or appropriate period footwear
  • Leather or cloth belt
  • Simple pouch
Women’s minimum requirements:
  • Full length shift
  • Apron dress (hangerock)
  • Turtle brooches or other period fastener
  • Turn shoes or appropriate period footwear
  • Thin leather or cloth belt
  • Simple pouch

If you already have garb, get dressed up and send us pictures at!

Don’t have a costume?  Don’t know where to turn?  No worries!  Our members are a resourceful lot and we’ll help you as much as we can to create or secure your very own historically-accurate costume.

Meal Plan

The  Meal Plan is an additional paid option offered only to members and only during the operating days of the faire season (weekends from August 17 to October 6, and Monday, September 2).

It is available on a per season or per week paid basis.  More to come at the Company Meeting in June.

We offer at least two meals a day, the dagmál around 11 AM and náttmál around 5 PM.

A sample of previous offerings:

  • Apple sauce
  • Root vegetable pancakes
  • Three onion soup (vegan)
  • Viking flat bread (vegan if made with margarine)
  • Chicken soup with barley
  • Baked berry oatmeal
  • Sauteed kale with bacon and shaved Brussels sprouts
  • Shaved fennel salad with blue cheese, apples, walnuts, and cider vinaigrette
  • Barley risotto with aged gouda
  • Smorrebrod
  • White bean and barley stew
  • Fresh green salad with spinach, endive, strawberries, apples, fresh goat cheese, site-made pickled onions, and homemade cider vinaigrette