The “look” of Sagas stymies many it seems, and with good reason.  TribalPunk has yet to be clearly defined and with no models or other graphics/images to display on the website, there’s no reason to expect viewers to latch on to it visually.

Conceptually, people love it.  But that doesn’t get ass in the seats as it were.  We had to make a decision, to continue Sagas or to place it on hold until land could be had and an actual game held.

While that thought was uncomfortably bouncing around, the conversation shifted slightly.  We like the system.  It’s sleek, easy, caters to high RP, and rewards newcomers and veterans alike.  How cool would it be if…

Oh, boy.  Eyes widened a little, smirks crept up on faces, and a palm smacked against a forehead.  Duh… “this might work.

Phaelas (working title) has a look many, many people know.  As a setting it has seen decades of development, so much so fans of the Evindale world setting can easily distinguish this place from others.  Its culture, clothing, even regional accents have been explored by players of the tabletop setting for years.

Immediate work produced a living document that continues to expand wth ideas.  Much of it came naturally as it had already been developed.  After only ten minutes, the doc contained a near-complete description of the game’s setting, mechanics, magic system, and religious practices.  Furthermore, the previous work on Sagas saw some of that setting influencing this development.

We giggled as taglines were tossed around and one stuck:

Here, even the land is your nightmare.

We’re giggling mightily.